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Frequently Asked Questions

    A Virtual Office is the method in which your therapy session is delivered. Online counseling is a form of psychotherapy in which a psychotherapist meets with a client via telephone, cellular phone, the internet, or other electronic media in place of or in addition to conventional face-to-face psychotherapy. Face-to-face therapy generally is preferable to online counseling/therapy. There are certain circumstances in which your therapist may choose not to offer remote therapy. DUE TO COVID-19 YOUR INSURANCE MAY COVER YOUR VIRTUAL SESSIONS. (Please contact your insurance carrier for more information)
    Covered Entities under HIPAA NU Vision is considered a covered entity under HIPAA. As a covered entity we must ensure that we have a current HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place with all thrid party vendors/partners in order to maintain PHI security and overall HIPAA compliance. At NU Vision, we take securing our clients personal health information (PHI) seriously and will only do business with HIPAA compliant business' Through either a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) or other written agreement or statement from a thrid party vendor, NU Vision will obtain and maintain on file a current agreement from all thrid party vendors to ensure that our clients' information is secure. In addition to an agreement, we obtain a consent from our clients and disclose all third party vendors who may have access to PHI information including vendor with cloudbase storage. No matter how secure a network may appear, there is always a risk that PHI information can be breached. That is why we take the necessary precautions to miminimze our clients' risk by providing them with steps that we believe will help protect their personal imformation (See Nu Visions' Client handbook for more information): Here are a few tips we educate our client on: Never email, text or speak in areas where you do not wish for your information to be heard by another or what you consider is confidentia between you and your therapist. Never email, text or speak in public your demographic and/or contact information incuding social security numbers, telephone numbers, physical address, and/or your medical or mental health information. Never participate or agree to share your information using Non-HIPAA compliant technology. As many vendors are adapting to become HIPAA compliant, there are still many vendors out there who are not. Always ask your therapist to confim that you are meeting or communicating using a HPAA compliant device or method. For more information about our policies and procudres on "Clientt's Rights", "HIPAA" and/or "Confidentiality" please review our Client Handbook which is provided to all of our clients during the intake process.
    Our Therapist understand the limits set forth by laws or ethics within their applicable discipline and geographic location. Under the provision of the NASW, National Board of Counselors, and other local and federal laws, your information to include Protected Healthcare Information (PHI), treatment, access to treatment and any other information pertaining to your care is protected under HIPAA. HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA Privacy Rule provides consumers with important privacy rights and protections with respect to their health information, including important controls over how their health information is used and disclosed by health plans and health care providers. All healthcare professionals which include our therapist, are require by law to be mandated reporters. What this means is that we are required to report the following: Abuse Neglect Exploitation Bullying Terroism If a client reveals an intent to harm themself and/or others, our therapist will have to report this to the authorities and/or person(s) of authority and/or the person who is at risk. Should you have questions, please feel free to speak with your therapist for more details and to obtain clarification about your client rights and how it pertains to what is considered confidential.
    TherapyNotes™ is the most trusted EHR/EMR software for behavioral health businesses. It is a cloud-based, third-party HIPAA-compliant vendor that NU Visions uses to manage our business. With its secure features, our clients are able to book, view and change their schedules and appointments; set up alerts and reminders, and electronically bill insurance providers. Through therapy notes, our team is able to streamline workflow processes and documentation and comply with mandatory state, local and federal regulations regarding documentation and storage requirements. Finally what we consider one of the best features of Therapy Notes, is the ability to offer our clients a secure patient/client portal. Our clients have 24-hour access to their client portals, which means they have access to their own Personal Health Information (PHI) whenever they need it. Through their password-protected portal, our clients are able to keep their information up-to-date, check on the status of an inquiry, and book and/or confirm their appointments. If you are ready to book an appointment, please click on the link below: NJ prospective clients with Aetna, Cigna, Oscar, Oxford, and United Healthcare please book appointments below VA and all other NJ Clients please use the link below to book an appointment For additional questions or to book an appointment you can also contact us at (804) 660-8444 or email us at
    INSURANCE Our services are typically reimbursable by Insurance. We are currently paneled (in-network with several insurance carrier(s). **Cancellation fees are NOT covered by your insurance carrier and is the clients responsibility. Cancellation fees must be paid prior to the next session. If we are NOT In-Network with your insurance carrier and you have confirmed that you have “Out-of-Network” benefits” we will submit your claim on your behalf. Co-Pays and Deductibles We accept cash, credit cards, PayPal and checks for copayments/coinsurance for services rendered. United Healthcare/Optum Humana Aetna Cigna Anthem Tricare (East) Magellan VA Premier Optima UMR Oxford and a few others IMPORTANT: Since COVID-19, Virtual/Online Counseling" are being covered (Some exceptions apply, please contact your insurance provider for more information).
    Financial Options are available: Not everyone can access or afford healthcare insurance, Therefore we offer several alternatives including our own Internal savings program. PPM (Internal Saving Program) OpenPath (Partner Saving Program) Financial Aid (Sliding Scale) Not everyone can access or afford healthcare insurance, Therefore we offer several alternatives including our own Internal savings program. Healthcare cost can be expensive, therefore we have provided several options to affordable care and services. Our Pay Per Month Program (PPM)is an affordable way to bundle your services for one flat rate (No more cancellation fees). With our internal savings program our clients pay ONE Flat fee and receive three (3) 30-minute or (3) 45-minute sessions to be used within 30-Day's. That's like paying for (1) full session and getting (2) additional sessions for FREE. IMPORTANT: PPM is a Use it, or Lose it program All 3 sessions MUST be used within 30-Days of enrollment. FULL PAYMENT IS EXPECTED AT THE TIME SERVICES ARE RENDERED. Ask your therapist about PPM today.
    Call us at (804) 660-8444 or email us at To Book an appointment register here: If you are in NJ and have the following insurance(s) (Aetna, Cigna, Oscar, Oxford, United Healthcare) please register here: We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Our most common forms of payments is through insurance, however, we also accept cash payments. Most of our clients are insured but those who do pay privately or "Out-of-pocket" utilize one or more of the following payment types to cover their fees: MONEY ORDERS CREDIT CARDS Mastercard American Express Discover Visa PAYPAL/EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) PERSONAL & BUSINESS CHECKS Private Pay Clients ONLY Although we cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed, we offer all of our private paying clients the option to submit what we call a "Super Bill to their insurance carrier for possible reimbursement. (Please speak with your therapist for more information). IMPORTANT: A $25 Fee will be charged for all insufficient funds and bad checks Checks MUST be made out to your Therapist (Do NOT make the payment out to NU Vision) Cancellation Policy Your session is reserved specifically for you. As such, you will be charged a cancellation Fee per your client handbook unless notice of cancellation is given at least 48 hours in advance. (Cancellation fees are waived for those enrolled in our Pay Per Month (PPM) Program.
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