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Mental Health Screenings, and Assessments, County & State Evaluations

Various Evaluations, Screens, and Assessment available to include: 

The Parenting Risk Assessment (PRA Assessments), DOT Substance Abuse (SAP Evaluations), Patient Review Instrument Screen (PRI Assessments), Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBRT Assessments), Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI Assessments), and more. 

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Workshops & Support Groups

Family and Group therapy also referred to as a “strengths-based treatment method, is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to reduce distress, strain, and conflict within a family unit/system. Session focus on improving the systems of interactions between family members. Sessions that include all family members (affected by the problem) in the room, tend to have better outcomes with positive changes to the family unit/system as a whole. 

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Individual therapy (sometimes called “psychotherapy” or “counseling”) where clients work one-on-one with a trained therapist—in a safe, caring, and confidential environment: Exploring their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors as they work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, by better understand themselves and others, setting personal goals, and working toward a desired change.

Holding Hands

Marriage & Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage and Couples psychotherapy session with a complimentary and in depth couples evaluation "The Gottman Relationship Checkup" The Gottman Relationship Checkup measures specific strengths and challenges that couples face in their relationship and in their individual lives and is offered only by qualified clinicians.

Group Bonding

Clinical Supervision

Group supervision is a complement to, rather than substitute for, one-to- one supervision; Sessions will include 2 or more behavioral health and/or mental health professionals participating in a group setting for the purpose of reflecting on their work experiences both challenging and rewarding. Sessions of cost are per person with a minimum of 2 Participants. IMPORTANT: Scheduled sessions with less than 2 participants will be converted to individual session or rescheduled.

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Adoption & Custody Home  Studies and Evaluations

Risk Assessment and/or Evaluations report the absence or presence of any risk toward a child(ren) including the level of risks posed towards a child/ren. Assessments are conducted by a trained Nationally Certified Custody Evaluator (NCCE).

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