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Don't let a failed drug screen discourage you.


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What is the DOT SAP process?


If you are employed in a safety-sensitive position under the DOT rule 49 CFR Part 40 and failed a drug screen or refuse to participate in one, The DOT SAP program is the first step to returning to duty.


Per the DOT rule 49 CFR Part 40 regarding workplace drug and alcohol testing, you will not be allowed to maintain your safety-sensitive position until you have don’t the following:

  1. Registered on the DOT Clearinghouse site

  2. Selected a S.A.P provider who agrees to accept you

  3. Complete the “Return-To-Duty Process” managed and monitored by your assigned SAP

  4. Completed your SAP’s treatment and/or educational requirements

  5. Completed and passed additional drug screens


HOLD ON…. You are still not done

  • After returning to your safety-sensitive position you must now participate in multiple random drug screens (as recommended by your SAP in your “Aftercare Plan” (Which can be 1 to 7 years in length) before you are completely out of the Clearinghouse registry.

Things to Know:

DOT does not discriminate on how or why your test came back positive – They simply care that the public feels confident that ANYONE with a positive drug or alcohol screen goes through the Return-To-Duty Process.

I will determine if you are eligible for return-to-duty testing to return to your safety-sensitive position.

Your follow-up testing plan will be discussed.

You are expected to fully discuss your experience and discuss what you have gained from the program. 

Other things to know:

You will have to take multiple random drug screens after your education and/or treatment program is completed for the duration recommended in your Aftercare Plan. (This could be 1-7 years)

As your SAP provider, I do not regulate how testing centers operate, (Thus you may be asked to take an observed urine/blood test – which means someone will observe you providing your sample).


You worked hard to make a living and/or obtain your CDL, and most likely you need your job back. So if you are ready to start this process? all you need is a cell phone, tablet, or computer (with a camera)!  It's never been easier to get started.



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