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Date Night Jar

Updated: May 23, 2023

Dating your partner is a must in keeping your relationship thriving. Here are some ideas for your next date night:

  1. Begin a class together to learn a new skill

  2. Try a new hobby

  3. Become a tourist in your city for the day

  4. Camp out together, hike, or explore a local natural destination

  5. Play a new board game

  6. Pamper each other or visit the spa together

  7. Attend a concert, musical, comedy show, or play

  8. Bake or cook together

  9. Take dancing lessons

  10. Try something adventurous or challenging

  11. Take a stroll or window shop

  12. Reminisce on old photos and items

  13. Read a book together

  14. Be a kid and go to the arcade

  15. Enjoy visiting an art gallery

  16. Grab some conversation cards to improve deeper communication

  17. Go get ice cream

  18. Cut off all distractions and enjoy some quality time together

  19. Volunteer in your community

  20. Plan a picnic in the park

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