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So you’ve been intentional about making date nights a regular thing, and it’s paying off – that’s great! You’ve done such a good job of making it part of your routine that it actually requires less effort now… so what’s the problem? Well, maybe things have gotten a little too routine. You tend to fall back on the same plans. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with that, you might welcome some simple ways to inject some novelty and fun into your same old, same old. Luckily, we’ve got ten easy ways to amp up the level of fun on your next date.

1. Take turns surprising each other.

If you both usually know what to expect, take turns planning a date, but keep your spouse in the dark. Obviously this means doing something other than the usual so that it’s an actual surprise. Give them just the information they need or drop some hints along the way to get their gears turning about what’s in store.

2. Give it a theme.

Just like a party with a theme adds a dimension of fun, so does a date with a theme! Go for throwback, outdoors, your favorite country you’ve vacationed to, or recreate a date from your favorite movie. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Let the theme help determine everything from what you wear to what you do.

3. Change up the timeframe.

If you usually opt for an evening date, try a daytime excursion, and vice versa. Not only does the change in timing present different options for what you might do, it can give your date a whole new vibe and mood. You might find yourselves feeling more energized or more relaxed than you usually do, simply by switching up the time.

4.Try a new dress code.

If you’ve been skewing pretty casual for awhile now, switch things up by putting on your Sunday best. Usually get a little dressed up? Let you hair down and go more relaxed. Have your date activity follow suit (no pun intended!)

5. Build the anticipation.

Dates with your spouse are something to look forward to, right? Build up the anticipation in the days/hours leading up to it by talking about what you’re looking forward to, sending each other “can’t wait!” texts, or dropping hints if you’re surprising each other.

6. Relive your early dating days.

Before you lived together, there was a special kind of build up and excitement for a date – the process of getting ready, the rush of butterflies when you see the person for first time, maybe an undercurrent of nerves. Try to recreate those giddy feelings. Maybe get ready in separate rooms and meet in the living room, or have your spouse drive around the block and swing back to “pick you up.” It might sound silly, but sometimes it’s just what you need to give your usual date a little pick-me-up.

7. Try something completely new.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Trying new things together sparks the same feel-good endorphins that you experienced when you were first dating. So if #6 doesn’t appeal to you, then this option might be for you! It could be a new activity, attending a class where you’re both complete amateurs, or even just ordering something off the menu you’ve never had before. Experiencing new things together creates opportunities for lively conversation and bonding.

8. Flip a coin.

If you want to add an element of unpredictability to your date, let a coin make all your decisions. This part of town or that? Day or night? Sushi or Mexican? Hiking or dancing? You can use the coin to plan out the whole date ahead of time, or “play as you go” to truly see where the date takes you.

9. Try date bingo or a scavenger hunt.

Leading up to your date, create your own bingo cards or scavenger hunt list of things to find or see when you’re out together. At the very least you’ll get a kick out of the random things you both put on your card. You can even come up with a good-natured prize for the winner.

10. Make it a double.

A double date that is. If you usually head out just the two of you, add an entirely new dimension by inviting another couple along. More people might open your options for things you can do – consider activities that are more fun with more people, like a karaoke booth, bowling, or an escape room.

If dates are a regular thing for you and your spouse, give yourselves a pat on the back. You’re definitely doing something right! Keeping things fun and interesting can sometimes be a challenge, so hopefully these easily-implemented ideas can add an extra dose of excitement when you need it. Have you own ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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