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Steps to a Productive Marriage Check-in

Staying on the same page with your spouse doesn’t happen by accident.

Businesses have staff meetings. Sports have team meetings. And marriages need marriage meetings. We’ll call these Marriage Check-Ins.

A Marriage Check-In is when you and your spouse meet to talk about marriage and family stuff.

Steps to a Productive Marriage Check-In:

Set a Time Saturday mornings before kids need you and Sunday evenings after kids’ bedtimes are two great times. Put it on your calendar. Set the notifications. If you have to miss it, you can reschedule it right then.


No kids allowed. No technology except when it’s obviously adding to the value of the meeting, e.g., using your calendar or planning a date and looking up attractions.

Always Start by Appreciating Your Spouse

Your spouse will look forward to the check-ins because they know they’ll hear something positive about themselves.

Listen to Your Spouse’s Emotional, Mental, and Physical Needs

Generally, save this for last because it’s the most open-ended.

Connect, grow, and course-correct. Your marriage will thank you


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